The Founders of Capital Entertainment public relations agency have a combined history of thirty years of experience in the entertainment business. It is now one of the premiere entertainment public relations firm in the nation's capital and also one of the most respected boutique-level firms in the music industry. The three founders (Bill Carpenter, Robert Shanklin and Vincent Young) came together during the Million Man March. Bill and Robert had already shared a public relations firm, CarpShank Entertainment, which they launched in 1992. While Bill was handling press for the Million Man March choir, he met Vincent, a Washington Post reporter who was assigned to write a story on the March. In talking, Vincent expressed some aspirations he had about starting his own business and the two started bouncing ideas off of each other.

Soon after, Vincent met Robert and the three had a vibe going. They decided to form a company together with a new, more ambitious focus. The former CarpShank clients were transferred to Capital Entertainment and the new company picked up high-profile clients such as Atlantic Records, Warner Bros. Records and EMI Records.

Capital Entertainment has distinguished itself in the field of public relations, particularly in the gospel arena where the firm has worked extensively with the upper echelon of gospel/Christian artists. Whatever the client's need, Capital Entertainment is always there - reaching the world on the client's behalf.